Image compression online or offline is the reduction in the size of a graphics file in bytes without compromising the quality of the image to a level that will be unacceptable by the user. The decrease in file size will allow the images to be easily stored in a given memory space or amount of disk.

Free jpeg image compressor is a handy tool, recommended to anyone who is looking for an easy image compression software to reduce file size without losing the image quality.

You can easily find a free image compression program or image compression software to compress, resize, and optimize your graphics files. Using this free online service is as easy as a click of a button! It is no more a secret that optimized images are better than the raw ones as they are better for storage, web pages, and email attachment.

If you own a website of your own or work for someone else, you must be aware how important it is to have images of smaller size. Page loading time can sometimes influence a visitor’s decision to leave or stay on the page; it depends on how well images have been optimized. JPEG compression is one of the easiest ways to optimize images. Fortunately, now there are quite a few useful tools to compress image online or offline. You can use a quality image compressor to compress JPEG, JPG or PNG, without losing the image quality. You just have to know the right place to look.

You can use this jpeg or png compression tool to compress image online or resize it to a smaller file size, and the good thing is that the image quality doesn’t change significantly by JPEG compression. Give it a try now!

If you compress image, you are actually shrinking your JPEGS and photos which will make them load faster. Images with large size usually take a long time to download from a server except if the internet connection is exceptionally good. Hence the longer someone waits, the more likely it gets for them to move onto another website or image with a smaller size. Online Image Compressor is that one tool that can help you shrink the size of your images.

Let’s suppose that you recently went on a trip, you took a lot of beautiful photos, and now you can’t wait to show them to your family and friends. You want to post the pictures on social networking site, but there is a problem. You are unable to upload the pictures because of the because of the size limit. You know that you should compress image but how? That’s where our image compressor software comes into the play. Similarly, you can use an image compression program to compress images for the web or before sending an email.

Now, you know that some graphics files have a large size; hence, it is becoming increasingly common nowadays to compress image online for free while keeping the quality same. You can use this free image compression tool to reduce the image file size, save storage space on a hard drive so that they can be uploaded, viewed and shared faster.

We offer you a free Image Compressor tool to compress image online. Using JPEG compressor, you can compress JPG, JPEG, PNG image formats. Optimizing the photos and image files can minimize their size significantly. JPEG Compression allows you to compress image files (JPG, JPEG, PNG, etc.), reducing the image file size for up to 90%. You just have to select the image file and click on the “Upload” button.

JPEG Compression typically works on mathematical formulas in order to break the image into smaller grids and slightly change different pixel information within the grids so that fewer individual pixel data is saved. Fewer pixel changes imply less information and consequently smaller file size. This type of JPEG compression is known as Lossy Compression which means some information is lost in the compression. Lossy Compression might sound scary. Doesn’t it? However, depending on the image type and the amount of compression required, it may not even be noticeable that the image has been altered in any way.

Using this simple yet efficient image compressor is very easy. JPEG compressor is entirely free with a very friendly user-interface. All you have to do is upload images, and in a matter of seconds, you will get compressed and resized images.

  • Click on ‘Upload Image’ for image uploading or simply drag and drop the images
  • Results will be displayed to you within seconds; you can easily download the compressed image
  • Our Image Compressor allows you to upload up to 20 images at a time, and none of them should be more than 5 MB in size

Are you looking for a best image compression tool? Then you must try this one. You can use this best image compression software to batch compress images in different formats such as JPG, JPEG, and PNG. Once you use this image compression online tool, you will see that the results are incredible. You will get a compressed image with no loss in quality while saving a lot of storage space. When you have hundreds of images to upload, all having a large size, then they can use up most of your time and data plan. Therefore, use of an image compression software has become more of necessity.

It is possible now to speed up your website if you compress image online including the PNG and JPEG images using an image compressor. This will enable your visitors to load your website easily and quickly. Image compressor can minimize the file size of images without having any significant influence on the image quality. JPG/JPEG images are usually compressed with an image quality factor of 75 and PNG images are compressed while maintaining the transparency.