About Us

We started out bold and fierce, and soon we were ready to make the web smaller. This goal is the reason behind developing an online service to fulfill our purpose.

Jpegcompressor.org was a noble endeavor, and soon it became popular among millions of users across the world who were looking for a hassle free way to compress images for web.

Soon, we added one more thing to our motto, and it became “make web smaller by speeding up your website’, and started to find convenient ways to provide the best services to our clients.

We have a team of responsible adults with diverse interests and backgrounds, who believe in taking lives and careers seriously. We believe that the key to success is the positive feedback from our clients because that is the best way to a long-term relationship and trust while keeping the clarity of vision intact.

Compassion is our strategy, and we wish to offer a sustainable approach to allow our users to compress and resize their images in an easiest possible way.

Use our image compression software now and give us your feedback to help us grow.