How does JPEG Compressor work?

Our Online Image Compressor is incredibly quick and easy to use. If you are not sure about it yet, let us explain exactly how does image compression work? Primarily, there are two types of compression including Lossless compression mad Lossy compression. Both types of image compression are considered self-explanatory enough due to their names.

JPEG Compressor to compress image online utilizes lossless compression which reduces the size of image files that user may submit. With the help of this smart method, the number of colors in the image is reduced selectively, and hence fewer bytes are required for data transmission or storage.

First of all, you will have to visit our image compressor ( On the Home Page, you will be able to see an “Upload” button. Using the button, you can choose and upload your selected images. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the selected images. However, remember that you can only upload up to 20 images at a time of maximum 5 MB each. Once, you have uploaded the images; image compressor will process the images and return you the compressed results. There will be two buttons “Save to Dropbox” and “Download All”.

After processing is finished and the image is compressed, JPEG Compressor will also show you the compressed size of your images. Image compressor will only compress image to the point where the image quality is not compromised which is lossless compression.

Image Compressor is a very efficient online utility that offers you free services to compress image online.