Can I upload multiple images on JPEG Compressor?

We are not sure about all online image compressor tools, but yes, JPEG Compressor allows you to upload up to 20 images at a time, for compression. Though, you must keep in mind that all the images must be less than 5 MB in size.

In case you have uploaded more than one file to compress image online, all of the images will be processed and displayed one underneath the other. The images will be shown along with the compressed image size. For user convenience, JPEG Compressor provides multiple options, you can download the images individually or all the images at once, or you can even save them to your DropBox.

Image compression is the easiest way to compress image online or offline; you can use it to reduce the size of your images before sharing on your favorite social networking website like Facebook. You can also compress images if you want to store them somewhere but the storage space is less. The use of image compressor also makes sending and receiving images more efficient.

You can try this free online image compressor yourself, to witness that the entire process takes less than a minute to process and compress image. Our tool is free of cost; we offer our users the services without charging users a single penny which makes it the best tool out there.

We hope that this must have answered your query, feel free to try JPEG Compressor yourself!