What is Image Compression?

Are you wondering what is image compression? Let us explain!

Image compression is a process for optimizing images by encoding or converting a graphics file in a way that it will consume less storage space than the original one. It is a type of technique to compress image, using an image compressor tool without influencing or degrading the image quality to a greater extent.

It is actually the reduction in the image file size in bytes without compromising the quality of the file to a level that is deplorable. JPEG Compression allows a convenient decrease in the image file size, allowing more images to be stored in a given amount of memory space or disk as well as the time needed for data transmission is also significantly reduced.

Image Compressor can compress image online in various ways. For the internet users, two of the most common image compressor formats are the GIF format and the JPEG format. The JPEG Compressor is used more often for images, while the GIF method is more commonly used for other images and line art in which there are relatively simple geometric shapes.

Image compression is typically performed through an online image compressor such as JPEG Compressor. The tool uses different algorithms/codecs applying different techniques to minimize the image size such as:

  • Specifying all the pixels of similar color by the color name, the number of pixels, and code.
  • Creating and representing image using mathematical wavelets.
  • Splitting the image into various parts, each identifiable through a fractal.